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Package Pricing Examples

At Cedar Solar, we want to make solar systems available to all. So we have priced our packages to be great value and also have interest free finance available*

Take a look below at some suggested combinations.

**All prices are subject to a site survey.

Trina 395W Solar Panel

TSM-DE09.05 395Wp

Trina Solar Panel

Small in size, big on power

The upgraded Vertex S series modules feature excellent product performance along with innovative and design-inspired aesthetics. Design options include the all-black appearance, to match different architectural styles and application scenarios.

Vertex S is perfectly designed to fulfil specific requirements for rooftop application, such as power, efficiency, appearance, mechanical load, handling, and reliability. This module will provide the best balance of power, size and weight.

Giv Energy 5.2kw Battery

Giv-Bat 5.2

GivEnergy Battery

The 5.2kWh battery pack is our most versatile battery and can be installed in a wider range of locations due to its compact design and can either be wall mounted or floor stood. This battery is primarily used in a modular way ensuring the system can grow with the needs of the consumer. Utilising lithium iron phosphate technology, our batteries are extremely safe and can be installed in a wide range of locations. The battery chemistry does not contain any Cobalt, making it non-flammable and the battery pack is 99% recyclable.

Giv Energy 3.6kw Inverter

Giv-HY 3.6 GEN3

GivEnergy Inverter

The third generation of the GivEnergy Hybrid Inverter is a battery and solar inverter in one unit.

It can be coupled directly with solar panels to generate usable electricity in the property as well as store any excess energy for later use in a battery. The Hybrid Inverter aims to minimise export by storing excess energy in the battery during generation hours. Additionally, it will minimise import by discharging to meet demand in the property.

#1. Our most popular package

This combination offers fantastic value and is the perfect balance between performance and payback time. Would particularly suit a 3 - 4 bed property.

Get in touch today and we will produce a detailed plan for your particular circumstances.

Most popular package price
Most popular package parts

#2. Low Price

This combination offers a low initial outlay. However, without a battery, the payback time will be longer. Inverter included to allow for battery installation at a future date if required.

Get in touch today and we will produce a detailed plan for your particular circumstances.

Low price package price
Solar Products
Low Price package items

#3. High initial outlay, quicker payback

This combination offers a high initial outlay but the payback time will be shorter and the duel batteries help save sufficient surplus energy to allow a flow into the grid.

Get in touch today and we will produce a detailed plan for your particular circumstances.

High Initial price items
High initial outlay price
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